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PRODUCTS by LE'FOUNT is an online shopping website designed to help you find things that interest you.  Some of these product come from overseas markets.  There are pictures to highlight high demand items. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.  The buttons represent item links for more information about that item.  You can use a credit card to make purchases there.  Once the item is purchased, an immediate confirmation statement appears and one is emailed to the address you provided.  All items are sent in discreet packaging.  The supplier offers a guarantee and most items can be returned if you are not completely satisfied. Here you can find what you need in the convenience of your home or office day or night 24 seven.


1.  Healthy Living Store


Bauer Nutrition is a name you can trust in the nutrition business.  It is a European Supplements company that deals in weight loss, sports, beauty, and a healthy body and immune system.

Everyone, Male & Female, are welcome to shop here for products to enhance their body and wellbeing. They pride themselves in producing products to help people feel better, look better, and perform at the highest level.

Bauer is good about offering discounts or BOGO offers. There is also free shipping to anywhere in the world and the products are guaranteed.


Big Fish Games

If you are into playing games on your smart phone or PC, Big Fish is the first place you should check out. It is the world's largest producer and distributor of casual games on the net. To Date, they have delivered fun to millions of people world-wide. Through its mobile and online distribution platforms, Big Fish has distributed more than 2.5 billion games to customers in 150 countries. If you like challenging games, mystery games, hide and seek game, and so forth take the time to look through their growing catalog. Games are being developed everyday here. See some samples below.

Black Jack, Texas Hold'em Poker, Video Poker, Roulette, Slots, and World Ace. Crusaders of the Lost. Come on down to the craziest farm around. The forsaken Island collector's edition - Can you survive the island and save your brother?

3. Clothing


Rosewe offers the web's most trendiest and fashionable women's line of clothing. The designers here knows how to frame a women. The bring the hottest looks from the runways of New York, Paris, and Tokyo, and at a fraction of the runway prices. Rosewe is for the women or girls with the curvy body. If you like to wear bodycon styles or dresses that flow with the body, this is the place to shop. They have a huge selection of tops, bottoms, dresses, and jewelry at discounted prices.

Round Neck Sleeveless Patchwork Printed Dress $34.47 Round Neck Three Quarter Sleeve Printed Dress $23.22 Royal Blue Asymmetric Hem Lace Patchwork $33.98 Short Sleeve Strappy Cold Shoulder Flower Print $32.19 Short Sleeve White Printed High Neck Sheath $32.64 Sleeveless Mock Neck Peplum Hem Burgundy $42.51 Black Chiffon Panel V Neck Sleeveless Dress $33.69 Button Embellished Cap Sleeve Black Sheath $33.53 Black Spaghetti Strap Stripe Print Tankini $25.37 Criss Cross Black Printed Pink Bikini Set $26.28 Lace Panel Scoop Neck Raceback Two Piece $28.10 Mesh Patchwork Black Cutout Back One Piece $24.92 Round Neck Sleeveless Top and Dashiki Print $33.53 Ruffle Overlay Off the Shoulder High Waist Black $33.08 Sleeveless High Neck Stripe Print White Jumpsuit $33.08 Sleeveless Overlay Embellished Split Neck Pocket $34.88 Gold Metal Chain Design Necklace for Party $5.74 Gold Metal Chain Faux Pearl Decorated Layer $5.15 Gold Metal Rhinestone Decorated Neckless Set $6.49 Water Drop Shape Matting Silver Earrings $5.63

4. The Work From Home Dictionary

The Ultimate Home Business Center

If you want to start your own business but can't quite decide what you should go into or don't know what's all out there, this is where you want to be. The Ultimate Home Business Center has made finding a business easy for you by providing you with access to the very best programs in all the home business categories. Take your time and look through these suggestions to find your perfect home business. This site is broken down into categories to give you an idea of what's out there. It doesn't matter what your status is, you can fin the perfect business. So, go ahead, look around and remember if you don't find it this time be sure to come back often because more are being added all the time. So go ahead, look around and find the home business that’s right for you. Also, please be sure to bookmark this site as we make updates with the newest and hottest programs often.

Marketing Buying/Selling Gold Auctions Real Estate Paid to do Surveys Online Business Penny Stocks Paying Attention

5. Computer Solutions

Driver Support

            DIAGNOSE  *   RESOLVE   *   OPTIMIZE

Driver Support provides an innovative way to diagnose issues with your PC, resolve those issues through support and driver matching technology, and optimize your PC’s performance.


"The driver installation program was fantastic! A non geek like me was able to follow the instructions and was able to install all the programs. Thank you!!"

Paul Buscaino

"If you are having problems with your computer I really recommend these guys. They will fix ANYTHING that is wrong with your computer. They don't care who makes the software or what the problem is they will fix it."

Bill Henderson

AVS Audio/Video Editor
Advanced System Care

6. Healthy Nutritions and Supplies

The Healthy Living Mall

Oh Ya, there is such a thing as a healthy living mall. This is not the type of mall where you go shopping in retail stores for items that most of the time you don't need. In this mall there are ebooks covering subjects on Diet and Weight Loss, Exercise and Fitness, Mental Health, and Nutrition. If you want to know more about any of these subjects, the answers and tools you can us to improve your life are here. Come on in and see what they are recommending you do to drop some weight or how you can get into the best shape of your life. Also a healthy body needs a heathy mind. There are ebook on how you can get your mental abilities up to par and what nutrients you need to help. Educated people will be at home in here. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

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7. Investment Tips

The Penny Stock Prophet

Have you been trying to do a little investing into the stock market on your own? How has that been working out for you?  Investing in the stock market is best left up to those who know what to look for in trends and forecasts.  Let the Prophet do the research for you and send you a stock to put your money in each week.  He will even tell you how long to hold it and when to sell it for a quick profit.  There is not better or safer way to make some extra money.  If you are lucky, you just may go big on the right stock and change you entire satuation around. Rich, Rich Rich!  The Prophet has been known to turn $1000 into $2500 in just 1 day with Penny Stocks. Don't you want to look into this a little more? It would only cost you the price of lunch to find out more.

Investing For Profit

If you are a season investor who has been in the market for a day or two, you know what I am about to say is a fact. The investment world can be cruel if you don’t know what you’re doing. One minute your investments are soaring and the next your profit is wiped out, with you staring at a loss. But, there are things you can do to maximize your gains and limit your losses in any market and investing for profit will show you how.

Investing for profit highlight some of the very best investment programs and services out there. Whether your interest is in stocks, commodities, FOREX, options, or even real estate we’ve got you covered. The right knowledge can mean the difference between significant gains and catastrophic losses. We’re here to give you the right knowledge for each market.

So go ahead, look around and find the investing strategies that are right for you. Also, please be sure to bookmark this site as we make updates with the newest and hottest programs often.

Products by LE'FOUNT


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